Entretien avec Sara Diamond sur les arts libéraux

10 avril 2017
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Sara Diamond, rectrice, OCAD University :

We’re looking right now at a really exciting shift in humanities where research is no longer only about deeply diving into one limited topic, but in fact using data, large quantities of data to understand human culture, to understand our past and history, to understand the psychology, to understand economics. So we’re looking at a world where what was traditionally science is now combining with humanities, and this is an incredibly exciting new field that we need to be globally competitive, to be able to have an inclusive world and to find solutions from our past, for example. So I think we’re in a very exciting moment for young people.

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Sara Diamond, rectrice de l’OCAD University, discute de l’intégration récente des sciences humaines aux sciences traditionnelles et se penche sur ce que ce changement signifie pour ces domaines d’études et leurs étudiants.

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement.

Catégorie :  Recherche et innovation

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