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University of Manitoba | Technologies propres

Principales installations

Centre for Oil and Gas Research and Development is an internationally-accredited analytical centre in environmental monitoring and remediation services. Using equipment not found anywhere else in Canada, researchers have become recognized experts in monitoring and analyzing environmental contaminants providing improved approaches that meet environmental monitoring and remediation challenges.

National Centre for Livestock and the Environment (NCLE) is a project to create technologies, practices and processes to help the agricultural sector adjust to climate change and improve soil and water conservation by developing new farming practices and methods. The centre covers four priority areas of research: livestock systems, cropping systems, agricultural water use efficiency and agro-forestry.

Grands projets

GENICE: Genomics and Ice a project to investigate the potential for native microbial communities to mitigate oil spills, as warmer temperatures and melting sea ice usher in increasing shipping throughout Artic waters.


  • Jörg Stetfeld, Canada Research Chair. Research focuses on performing an integrated approach in structural biology and biophysics to study target proteins. This research will lead to the development of new therapeutic tools and applied biotechnological devices.
  • Greg Tomy, Director of the Centre for Oil and Gas Research and Development and Professor, Department of Chemistry. Research focuses on Analyzing complex contaminants in environmental matrices, assessing the effects of petrochemicals on bodies of water and the creatures that call them home.
  • Don Flaten, Professor, Soil Science. Research studies effects of management practices on supplies of N, P, K, S and micronutrients supplied from soil reserves, various forms and types of fertilizers, livestock manures, industrial byproducts and municipal waste and their impact on crop yield, crop quality, agricultural sustainability and environmental quality.
  • Eric Bibeau, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Research focuses on the pursuit of renewable energy opportunities and encourages the development and demonstration of cost-effective energy applications that have environmental, social, and economical attributes.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Centre is a facility to test hydrokinetic turbines in remote river settings year round. Testing focuses on water-to-wire, safety of turbines, costs, deployment and retrieval, identify and reduce maintenance issues and helping Canadian industry develop this renewable energy technology for market.


  • Genome Prairie
  • Genome Canada
  • Arctic Institute of North America
  • Arctic Research Foundation
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Nordevco
  • IISD
  • Neomed

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