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University of Alberta | Technologies propres

Principales installations

  • NanoFab: micro/nanotech R&D, academic research & industrial projects. Largest centre of its kind in Western Canada; 1 of only 3 dedicated nanotech centres in Canada.
  • National Institute for Nanotechnology: some Canada’s quietest labs & most advanced equipment. Academic research environment with national research lab R&D activities.
  • Centre for smart transportation: autonomous vehicles, connected vehicle (CV) technology, smartphone-based CV technology. Smart infrastructure. Centre’s Active-Aurora project is Canada’s 1st connected vehicle test bed.

Grands projets

  • Future Energy Systems: developing new energy technologies & examining integration into current energy infrastructure. $75M CFREF program.
  • SCENEREI: UAlberta & Tsinghua (China’s best energy university) addressing need for sustainable energy solutions, with emphasis on issues/priorities in China & Alberta.
  • UAlberta-Tsinghua Joint Research Center for Future Energy & Environment: Tackling new energy sources/technologies that also minimizing impact on air, water & land. China-based and is 1st one with a Canadian university; & will be only one.
  • UAlberta & Germany’s Fraunhofer Society (€2.1B & 69-institutes, Europe’s largest application-focused research organization) tackling new energy technologies such as biofuels, storage batteries and alternative uses for CO2.
  • Bio refining Conversion Network: Industry/ academic collaboration focused on turning biomass into viable fuels/value-added products.

Innovations or spin-offs

  • Forge Hydrocarbons: biomass interchangeable with petroleum fuels but has no metal, sulphur, nitrogen impurities like petroleum fuel. Forge’s fuels produce as much energy as crude-oil gas/diesel.
  • AdvEn Solutions: super-capacitor batteries that can store large amounts of energy, they charge and discharge in a fraction of time of the best commercial lithium ion batteries.
  • Quantum Silicon Inc (Qsi): Nano circuits for electronics. With these circuits, electronics will have longer battery life and use 1000X less energy than current electronics.
  • AltaCarbon: converts petroleum coke, main by-product of oil sands processing, activated carbon used for water treatment, air filtration, and mercury capture from flue gas emission. Petroleum coke has no real value to oil companies.


  • New energy sources/technologies: Biomass, bioenergy, geothermal, solar, wind, fuel cells, hydrogen fuel cells, CO2 consuming fuel cell, socio-economics. Researchers include: Jillian Buriak, Marc Secanell, David Bressler, Thomas Etsell, Jingli Luo, Amit Kumar, Wilsun Xu, Douglas Ivey, Vakhtang Putkaradze, Pierre Mertiny, Robert Wolkow, Steven Bergens, Martin Unsworth, David Nobes, Jonathan Banks.
  • Energy storage & efficiency: new battery technology, high capacity batteries, fuel cells, flywheels, nano electric circuitry. Researchers include: Jillian Buriak, Marc Secannell, Robert Wolkow, Douglas Ivey, Steven Bergens, Pierre Mertiny.
    Bio-products not petroleum-based products: biofuels, bio plastics, adhesive (glue) from protein of spent hens or canola, polyurethane from canola oil. Researchers include: Jianping Wu, Jonathan Curtis, Xiaohua Kong, Amit Kumar.
  • Intelligent energy infrastructure: energy system modeling, smart grids, flywheels, reducing energy waste, renewable integration, energy efficiency & reliability, smart construction (reduces energy waste, cost and environmental impact), improved physical and cyber security systems, pipeline safety & integrity, ICT, wireless power transmission, autonomous vehicles & smart infrastructure. Researchers include: Ryan Li, Wilson Xu, Mohamed Al-Hussein, Pedram Mousavi, Amit Kumar, Vakhtang Putkaradze, Pierre Mertiny. Yuxiang Chen


  • Ford
  • Mercedes Benz
  • GM
  • Energy
  • Cenovus
  • 3M
  • quantiam technologies
  • Edmonton Intnl. Airport (EIA) Edmonton transit
  • Imperial Oil
  • Suncor
  • Syncrude
  • Nexen
  • CP
  • Enbridge
  • PCL
  • Shell
  • ATCO Landmark
  • Statoil
  • Landmark Homes
  • Siemens
  • Caterpiller
  • Enmax
  • TransAlta
  • Stantec.

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