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University of Alberta | Fabrication de pointe

Principales installations

  • NanoFab: micro/nano fabrication & characterization, with clean room & $110M+
    in equipment & infrastructure. Supports academic research & industrial projects. Largest centre of its kind in Western Canada; 1 of only 3 dedicated nanotech centres in Canada.
  • NINT (building): home to some of Canada’s quietest labs & most advanced tools/equipment.
  • Albert Cell Therapy Manufacturing: GMP facility for cell therapy production for clinical trials & non-GMP for pre-clinical studies. 10,000 sq ft, has 6 seperate clean rooms for simultaneous production with no cross-contamination. Only such facility in Western Canada & only 1 of 5 in Canada.
  • Viz Room: Canada’s 2nd virtual reality (VR) room. Supports diverse research including virtual prototyping, and real-time graphics.

Grands projets

  • Nanotechnology Initiative: collaboration between (formerly called National Institute for Nanotechnology/ NIINT collaboration).
  • Revolutionizing construction: industrializing & modernizing North America’s construction by moving onsite activities & workers to offsite high-tech factories. Building is automated, prefabricated/modular, regulated & tightly scheduled in a climate-controlled environment for faster, more efficient, better quality construction, better worker safety & health, less cost, virtually no material waste, far less environmental impact. Will train construction workers as 21st century knowledge workers. Collaboration has 12 industry partners, plus many industry stakeholders also involved.


  • Nanotechnology: surface chemistry & characterization, composites, nano/quantum materials, design, fabrication & assembly, nano structures, mechanical/mechatronics, NEMS, nano photonics. Researchers: Anastasia Elias, Julie Gibbs Jillian Buriak, Jingli Luo, Natalia Semagina, Jed Harrison, John Davis, Ying Tsui, Hongbo Zeng, Robert Fedosejevs, Walid Moussa, Robert Burrell, Richard McCreery, Mark Freeman, Robert Wolkow, Ken Cadien, Michael Woodside,.
  • Industrialising construction: automated, prefabricated, modular construction, lean manufacturing, AI-based planning tools, building information modelling, sustainable construction, GHG/waste reduction, process improvement & simulation, equipment selection/planning /utilization. Researchers: Mohamed Al-Hussein, Simaan AbouRizk, Yasser Mohamed, Aminah Robinson Fayek
  • Additive manufacturing: 3D printing, laser/liquid polymers (vat photo polymerization), selective laser sintering (SLS) & selective laser melting (SLM), ferromagnetic 3D printing, hybrid manufacturing, VAT photopolymerization, advanced additive mfg. systems, fused deposition modeling, fused filament fabrication, plasma transfer & gas metal arc additive mfg., Researchers: Rafiq Ahmad, Basel Alsayyed Ahmad, Yaman Boluk, Ahmed Jawad Qureshi.
  • Industrial automation: infomatics, AI/ML, robotics, human-robot collaboration (HRC), production systems, information integration, virtual prototyping, intelligent mfg. flexible mfg., mechanical/mechatronics, process simulation/optimization/ analysis. Researchers: Rafiq Ahmad, Ahmed Qureshi, Basel Alsayyed Ahmad, Mahdi Tavakoli, Hong Zhang.
  • Robotics: medical/therapeutic robotics, telerobotics, human-robot collaboration (HRC), design & prototyping, vision-based robot control, human-machine interfaces, autonomous robots, cognitive processes, robot localization. Researchers: Rafiq Ahmad, Basel Alsayyed Ahmad, Hong Zhang, Vadim Bulitko, Patrick Pilarski, Rich Sutton, Martin Jagersand, Michael Bowling, Ahmed Qureshi.
  • Internet of Things: AI/ML, smart devices/cars/homes, data science, data ining, prediction, probability modeling, ICT, big data, AR imaging, virtual prototyping, networks, visualization & analytics, virtual machines, pervasive computing, algorithmics. deep learning, high-performance computingResearchers include: Osmar Zaiane, Rich Sutton, Dale Schuurmans, Ioanis Nikolaidis, Ehab Elmallah, Michael Bowling, Janelle Harms, Tony Qiu., Paul Lu, Irene Lin-Oi Cheng.


  • Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation
  • Ford, PCL
  • DowDupont
  • 3M
  • Siemens
  • Mercedes Benz
  • quantiam technologies
  • Siemens
  • All Weather Windows
  • C&V Smart Structures
  • Cormode & Dickson
  • ATCO
  • Essence Cabinets Inc.
  • Cadsoft
  • Landmark Companies
  • Westridge Cabinets
  • Weatherford
  • STAR prebuilt homes
  • Norcada
  • Stream Technologies
  • TransEon
  • Dekta-Tek
  • Lafaete (Brazil)
  • AdVen Industries
  • Graphene Leaders Canada
  • Shawcor Ltd.

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