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St. Thomas University | Sciences biologiques et de la santé

Principales installations

Building on existing and new capacities in health awareness, illness prevention, and knowledge over the life span, new technologies and new modalities in the definitions of wellness, and contextualized understandings of health that can be enhanced by social science and humanities methodologies and paradigms, STU embraces opportunities to partner with other institutions, groups and networks.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative (CIRN) works to enhance quality of life for seniors, understand identities of the disabled, and explore the ethics of decision-making in long-term care facilities.

Grands projets

Health Research Chair on the Social Impact of Cannabis/Marijuana Use (forthcoming) providing evidence-based data and scholarly interpretation to guide social policy regarding issues such as medical and recreational usage, age-related issues, substance abuse prevention strategies, and legalization and public health strategies.

Health Research Chair in Community Health and Aging (forthcoming) focusing on the core determinants of health in later life, creating senior-friendly communities, active living, tackling social isolation and challenges in order to build resiliency in older adults.

Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies oversees a SSHRC, CFI, NBHRF, NBIF, Springboard-funded research centre (CIRN) investigating ways of improving the lives of those living with dementia, seniors in long-term care and the disabled (and transabled).


  • Clive Baldwin CRC in Narrative Studies
    His research focuses on exploring the role of narrative in understanding social care institutions, professional education, and social and health care ethics.
  • Michelle Lafrance Professor, Psychology
    Internationally recognized scholar whose research focuses on women’s mental health, feminist and critical psychology, and informal caregiving.
  • Erin Fredericks, Assistant Professor, Sociology
    Within the field of sociology of health and illness, her empirical research examines interconnections between gender and other forms of marginalization, representations of health and illness, and health behaviours.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

  • Our Bachelor of Social Work program is committed to the teaching and development of a structural social work perspective among faculty, students, staff and within the larger community by teaching the values, ethics, knowledge and skills required to promote social justice.
  • Interdisciplinary Certificate in Experiential Learning and Community Engagement (optional component to the Bachelor of Arts program).
  • STU’s Office of Research Services offers support for industry partnerships, developing IP, knowledge transfer, contracts and agreements.


  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Shannex

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