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Ryerson University | Systèmes de mobilité

Principales installations

Ryerson Aerospace Engineering Centre (RAEC)
This 7000-square-foot facility provides you with access to research facilities in aircraft cabin technologies related to seat development, interior lighting, environmental controls and cabin materials. Aircraft cockpit optimization is done using a simulator, and a flat table to simulate a two-dimensional frictionless space environment can be used to develop satellites and star-tracking technologies.

Facility for Research on Aerospace Materials & Engineered Structures (FRAMES)

A leading-edge centre of innovation for aerospace materials and structures that enables unique research collaborations with the burgeoning aerospace industry in Ontario and Canada. A 5000-square-foot, double-height, temperature-controlled laboratory space, FRAMES is designed for full-scale structural testing of aerospace components.

Grands projets

Next Generation Power Converters for Aerospace Applications

Led by Dr. David Xu, Electrical Engineering

The main objective of this proposal is to investigate and commercialize the next generation of universal power converters for aerospace applications.

Disruptive Transportation Technologies and Services

Led by Dr. Bilal Farooq, Civil Engineering

This project explores the effects of disruptive technologies and services on urban mobility behaviour. The focus is on developing perpetual sensing systems at an urban scale, developing advanced behavioural prediction models, and tools that can be used to evaluate sustainability and viability of policy scenarios and optimize new technologies and services.

Before-After Methods: Transportation Policy and Performance in Toronto

Led by Dr. Matthias Sweet, Urban & Regional Planning

This study focuses on identifying and testing the potential use of before-after methods with « Big Data » to assess the links between policy and transportation system performance.


Dr. Anton de Ruiter, Canada Research Chair (Tier II in Spacecraft Dynamics and Control)
Anton de Ruiter’s research addresses important spacecraft dynamics and control challenges that are needed to enable future space exploration missions. Overcoming these challenges will allow us to take the next steps in space exploration, including the development of a Deep Space Habitat in the lunar vicinity, the further exploration of asteroids, and an eventual human mission to Mars.

Dr. Arnold Yuan, Department of Civil Engineering

Research mainly focuses on risk-informed infrastructure engineering, which specifically includes structural reliability, life-cycle infrastructure management, risk-informed decision making, inspection and maintenance optimization, and project risk management. His research interests extend to concrete structures, structural health monitoring, structural dynamics and earthquake engineering.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design & Innovation (RIADI) – Provides Ryerson’s undergraduate engineering students with a unique training opportunity by involving them in real life aerospace industry projects. The program prepares the students for future engineering careers, specifically in aerospace engineering, and graduate studies.

TRANSFORM – The primary goal of this laboratory is to develop and invest in students while examining how existing and novel means of transportation influence urban systems, and how our regions and neighbourhoods shape travel behaviour and human movement.

Space Systems Dynamics & Control (SSDC) –The SSDC provides student learning opportunities and access to world-class researchers to develop the next generation of satellite technology and intelligent systems, including micro- and macro-satellites, and solar-power satellites. The advanced technology in the lab includes a satellite formation flying simulator, an inflatable structure testbed, a single-axis attitude simulator, and a ground station that provides ultra-high frequency/very-high frequency communications with low earth orbit satellites.


  • Aeryon Labs Inc.
  • Arrowonics Technologies Ltd.
  • Bristol Aerospace Limited
  • Bombardier
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada Inc.
  • Metrolinx
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.
  • SPP Canada Aircraft Inc.

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