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Principales installations

Biorefining Research Institute develops transformative, sustainable technologies and products based on boreal forest biomass.

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mining and Exploration Encourages and supports research, education and outreach activities regarding the nature and impacts of mineral resource exploration and extraction, particularly in Northern Ontario.

Aquatic Toxicity Research Centre specializes in regulatory testing-monitoring the effect of effluents on aquatic organisms from pulp and paper mills, mines and related industrial discharges in Northwestern Ontario.

Grands projets

Dr. Robert Stewart (Geography), Thunder Bay and Nipigon Bay Areas of Concern RAP Coordination Agreement Coordination of North Shore of Lake Superior Remedial Action Plans. $899,611 in funding from Environment Canada and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Ontario.

Dr. Han Chen (Natural Resources Management), NSERC Strategic Project Grant, Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Timber Resource Availability in Western-central Canada: Economic Implications and Mitigation, $447,300 awarded. Partners include: Resolute Forest Products Canada Inc., LP Canada Ltd., Atlantic Forestry Centre, Canadian Forest Service, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, etc.

Dr. Pedram Fatehi (Chemical Engineering), Production of value-added products from hydrolysis lignin, $410,000 in funding from NSERC CRD program with FPInnovations as the partner organization.


  • Dr. Michael D. Rennie, CRC in Freshwater Ecology & Fisheries, Department of Biology. His research involves performing whole-lake experiments and lab and observational studies to determine environmental impacts on aquatic ecosystems as well as the dynamics and behaviours of fish populations.
  • Dr. Sudip Rakshit, CRC in Bioenergy and Biorefining Processes, Lakehead University Biorefining Research Institute and Department of Chemical Engineering. His research involves examining innovative methods to convert renewable biomass such as wood and agriculture products to biofuels and renewable chemicals.
  • Dr. Robert Stewart, Department of Geography. He is interested in research pertaining to water security and water resource management in the Lake Superior Basin. He is currently exploring community-based resource management strategies that reduce vulnerability to water issues and protect watershed and coastal environments.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

  • Ingenuity – Designated space for the promotion of student innovation and entrepreneurial skills in the new Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and Sciences (CASES) building on the Thunder Bay campus.


  • Resolute Forest Products Canada Inc.
  • LP Canada Ltd.
  • KBM Resources Group
  • Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
  • Slave Lake Pulp
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • BioForest Technologies Inc.
  • Agrium Agronomic Services
  • KBM Resources Group Domtar Corporation

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