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Lakehead University | Agroalimentaire et agriculture

Principales installations

Lakehead University Agricultural Research Station uses small-plot research to introduce and assess crop varieties and agricultural management practices.

Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory conducts chemical analysis of soils, foliage, water and wastewaters. Provides laboratory and field services.

Biotechnology Laboratory for Enzymes and Bioproducts offers applied biotechnological analytical services in bioproduct analysis, biodegradation studies, enzyme assay, microbiology and aspects of molecular biology.

Forest Resources and Soils Test Laboratory provides soil and vegetation testing–forest/

Grands projets

A low cost photonic device for the detection and quantification of greenhouse gas (Nitrous Oxide) gas from Agriculture fields

Led by Dr. G. Das (Physics), in collaboration with Agrium Inc., this study aims to develop a low-cost, stand-alone system to detect nitrous oxide. Co-funded by Agrium Agronomic Services ($119,000) and the Ontario Centres of Excellence ($119,000).

Agrobiodiversity, Nutrition and Sustainable Marketing of Heritage Crops in Ecuador and Canada

Led by Dr. Brian McLaren (Natural Resources Management) in collaboration with ESPOCH (Ecuador) and FAFU (China), this project aims to document how small-scale agricultural production supports climate change resilience and biodiversity conversation. Additionally, they aim to understand the changes in consumer attitudes and nutrition associated with novel marketing, such as e-commerce, organic cooperatives and the promotion of traditional food culture. Funded by the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program ($283,000).


  • Dr. Amanda Diochon, Dept. of Geology, Program coordinator of Water Resource Science. Dr. Diochon’s research focuses on organic matter cycling in the soil. She is interested in understanding how organic matter cycling is affected by changes in climate and land management.
  • Dr. Charles Levkoe, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Food Systems, Dept. of Health Sciences. Dr. Levkoe studies food systems in the context of their importance to ecological regeneration, regional economies, active democratic engagement and social justice.
  • Dr. Gautam Das, Dept. of Physics. Dr. Das studies lasers and their application to medical and environmental sensors. In particular, he is developing a sensor which will detect and quantify greenhouse gas (N2O) emissions from agricultural fields.
  • Dr. Brian McLaren, Faculty of Natural Resources Management. Dr. McLaren’s research focuses on natural resources policy, wildlife habitat mapping, forest management and agriculture.

Programmes spéciaux et apprentissage intégré au travail

  • Ingenuity  – Designated space for the promotion of student innovation and entrepreneurial skills in the new Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and Sciences (CASES) building on the Thunder Bay campus.


  • Agrium Inc.
  • DekLab
  • Bayer Crop Science
  • The Agromart Group
  • Richardson International
  • Canada Malting
  • RAIN
  • Maizex Seeds
  • Thunder Bay Co-op Farm Supplies

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