Perspective d’avenir pour les étudiants autochtones

23 juin 2015
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Text on screen: [In conversation with David Barnard President University of Manitoba]

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David Barnard, president, University of Manitoba:

In this part of the country there is a large number of indigenous people, an especially large of young indigenous people. Universities in this part of Canada are quite good at attracting people who have post-secondary credentials to come to university or to say it another way, people who have the drive to finish post-secondary education in the indigenous community know that going on to university or college is a good thing.

But what we need to do is help larger numbers of those people get ready from those communities, get ready to go to post-secondary education, to come and succeed and to participate fully in all the range of educational options and professional options that are available to them.

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David Barnard, recteur de la University of Manitoba soutient que le fait de corriger les inégalités en matière d’éducation des Premières nations améliorera la qualité de vie de tous les Canadiens.

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement.

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