Le Canada reconnu pour ses matériaux quantiques

2 août 2016
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Text on screen: [Celebrating Canada’s Research Excellence: Putting Canada on the Map for Quantum Materials]

Andrea Damascelli: If we think of quantum materials, Canada has had a long tradition in the field. In addition to our institute, I like to mention another institute which is the University of Sherbrooke which, most recently, together with us received large funding from the federal government and that institute is focussed on quantum information. So again, two areas which are closely connected.

So what is interesting about the fact that the two universities have a leadership in the area of quantum materials and quantum information is that both universities are very strongly connected to the quantum materials program of CIFAR, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. It is a program which has been running for more than two decades and really has brought in international collaborators and really has put Canada on the map for the work in quantum materials. And so Canada is highly recognized for this field, quantum materials, quantum information.

Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo, The Voice of Canada’s Universities]

Andrea Damascelli, physicien à la University of British Colombia, explique en quoi les universités canadiennes sont essentielles dans le domaine des matériaux et de l’information quantiques.

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement

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