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13 juin 2018
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Texte sur l’écran : [Becoming a role model]

Sara Fulla, Vancouver Island University :

Part of the reason I came back to the university is because my fac—the Department of Recreation and Tourism encouraged me to come back and said if you need to take your – your baby into the classroom, you’re more than welcome to. And that helped me come back instead of taking a year off, which probably would have led to, like, two or three more years.

I feel like coming to campus, I’m creating – I’m showing her that I have strength and that anything is possible. When I – the reason I come to – like, I’m continuing my education is because I want to be a role model not just to her but to, like, my nieces and my nephews, and I want them to know that anything is possible.

Texte sur l’écran : [Universities Canada, The voice of Canada’s universities]

Sara Fulla, étudiante à la Vancouver Island University, parle du soutien qu’elle a reçu de l’Université pour poursuivre ses études après la naissance de sa fille, et du fait qu’elle se voit comme un modèle pour la prochaine génération de sa famille.

Voir les programmes et les services pour étudiants autochtones : Vancouver Island University

Vidéo et transcription disponibles en anglais seulement.

Catégorie :  Éducation des Autochtones

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