Back to school 2021

August 16, 2021
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Canadians want a brighter future.   

A future that is more inclusive, vibrant, greener and healthier.  

They want careers that evolve as society and technology do. 

Canada’s Universities are the key to getting there.  

Throughout the pandemic, Canada’s universities delivered.  

They provided educational opportunities for 1.4 million students.  

They advanced vital rapid-response COVID-19 research. 

They stabilized communities faced by disruption.  

They worked in the national interest. 

They ensured safe, quality education.  

No matter what we face, universities are there for all of us. 

They are a $39 billion dollar sector. 

They employ 410,000 people and drive economic prosperity. 

They purchase products and services in their communities.  

They’ve created 1.9 million jobs since 2010.  

And in 2018-19, performed nearly $15 billion in research and development.  

That’s why, for Canada to succeed, our universities must be strong.  

The time for a return to campus is here. 

Universities are ready. 

Investing in people and ideas is the key to Canada’s success.  

In a global economy, higher education is our competitive advantage.  

Our world is unpredictable, and constantly changing.  

And thanks to Canada’s universities, we can face the challenges ahead. 

So, to everyone who is part of Canada’s universities… 

Thank you.  

And welcome back. 

As students dust off their backpacks and head into classrooms this fall, there is a buzz of excitement. Clubs and societies, opportunities to meet new people and the chance to collaborate in-person are all elements of the university experience that have been missed during the COVID-19 pandemic. As universities reopen their doors, they are committed to ensuring the vibrant campus life of the past will make a safe comeback, while also supporting Canada’s recovery.

Protecting health and safety is top priority

Protecting students, staff and faculty is of paramount importance to universities. They have been working tirelessly to implement safety measures and keep updated with evolving public health guidance. Many are also hosting vaccine clinics on campus. (Check your university website to see if one is available to you.)

In addition to ensuring physical safety, providing support for mental wellbeing is a top priority this year.

Contributing to a strong national recovery

Universities are well positioned to help Canada make a strong economic and social recovery. Already, decades of fundamental research conducted at universities across the country have helped to develop life-saving vaccines and understand the impacts of the pandemic.

The ideas and research cultivated at universities will continue to support Canada’s recovery, and are essential to ensuring a greener, more vibrant and inclusive future.

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