University and community engagement

June 18, 2015
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Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo]

Text on screen: [In conversation with Dominic Giroux President Laurentian University Universities Canada logo]

Text on screen: [University and community engagement]

Dominique Giroux, president, Laurentian University

I think community engagement is increasingly becoming an expectation of students as part of their university experience. That’s why Laurentian University it’s the number one outcome of our new 2012-17 strategic plan. We want students to have a broad experience not only in the classroom, on campus, but also in the broader community.

There’s no doubt that it’s a very competitive labour market. Employers rightly so are looking for students who are top students, very successful in class but also who have also shown leadership through their university experience, either on campus or in the broader community because they’re the kinds of transferable skills those future employees will be able to apply in the workplace.

Text on screen: [Universities Canada. The voice of Canada’s Universities]

Dominic Giroux, president of Laurentian University, states that employers now seek graduates with broader community experience and engagement.

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