Today’s undergraduate experience

June 23, 2015
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Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo]

Text on screen: [In conversation with Meric Gertler President, University of Toronto]

Text on screen: [Today’s undergraduate experience]

Meric Gertler. president, University of Toronto

We find that undergraduates are looking for a number of things in particular.  We know that they are desperately interested in connecting with the world of research. One of the reasons they’re drawn to universities is to connect with people who are at the cutting edge in their field right from day one.  This is something they don’t want to have to wait for.  They want it beginning in their first year and hopefully carrying on right through their undergraduate careers

Secondly undergraduates seem to be more and more interested in experiences and service learning, blurring the boundary between the university and the community around it whether that be locally or indeed globally.

Text on screen: [Universities Canada. The voice of Canada’s Universities]

University of Toronto president Meric Gertler tells us why students are demanding more opportunities for hands-on learning.

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