Liberal arts and engineering: a vital link

May 30, 2017
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Text on screen: [The liberal arts & engineering: a vital link]

Gilles Patry, president and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation:

What’s the link between liberal arts, social sciences, humanities and engineering?  In fact there’s quite a strong link.  We talk about innovation as being technological innovation and that’s wrong. When we talk about innovation we should be looking at the impact on society.

At the end it’s understanding the world around us that’s critically important even for scientists and for technologists. If you don’t understand the world around you, you won’t be able to devise, invent, create the tools that will improve the quality of life of citizens and of society in your communities

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Gilles Patry, president and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, highlights the link between liberal arts and engineering, stating that engineers must understand issues in society when creating technologies to improve quality of life.

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