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October 16, 2018
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A panel at Univation.

To advance higher education’s collaborative efforts to ensure all Canadians are equipped to achieve their potential, Universities Canada and the Rideau Hall Foundation convened Univation in February 2018. This national forum brought together university, public service, business and civil society leaders – as well as students and young entrepreneurs – to explore challenges, opportunities and successes in how universities equip students for the future.

Univation showcased examples of tangible, transformative shifts in university communities through entrepreneurial education, and building new, non-traditional pathways for student success in some of the most critical areas of Canada’s economy. The meeting also explored gaps and ongoing needs and brought fresh thinking to the search for solutions.

This report highlights how Canada’s universities and their partners are innovating in teaching, learning and discovery to equip graduates for success in a rapidly changing global knowledge economy, examined through the lens of Univation’s discussions and takeaways. Rather than serve as a summary or chronicle, it is hoped this document will further Univation’s objective to advance the conversation on how universities, civil society and private sector partners can work together to unleash the creativity and innovation Canada needs to meet its future skills, innovation and workforce needs.

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