Impact of research funding: quick facts

February 8, 2024
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Impact of researching funding on young Canadians in the workforce

Continuous investment in Canadian university research and development is crucial for equipping future graduates with essential skills for pivotal industry roles and driving economic sector development.

Universities are:

  • Equipping young Canadians for industry demands
  • Building youth resilience in a changing economy
  • Expanding youth opportunities in growing industries

Learn more about the impact of research funding on young Canadians in the workforce.

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Providing young Canadians with the skills to meet industry demands

Since 2015, jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree increased by 115% and 170% for higher qualifications.

Two-thirds of jobs in the next decade will require a post-secondary education.

Strongest job gains expected in applied science and health sectors.

Research investments allow students to pursue higher education in fields with growing job opportunities.

Making young Canadians resilient to a changing economy

One in five Canadian jobs could become automated.

Automation will have the most positive impact on jobs requiring a university degree, with high growth expected in roles demanding high-level functional skills such as complex problem-solving, systems evaluation, analysis, writing and programming.

In a green economy, 235,000 to 400,000 new jobs will be added in fields where enhanced skills will be critical.

Research investments prepare the workforce for a changing labor market, technological advancements and automation.

More opportunities for young Canadians in growing industries

In the digital economy, high-growth jobs include web designers, database analysts and computer engineers.

Since 2015, Canadian AI job opportunities surged by almost 500%.

Research investments support innovation and partnerships, creating opportunities for young Canadians to enter emerging and high-demand industries.

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