Congratulations class of 2023!

Whether it’s been four years or ten of late night studying, balancing school and work and chasing your passions, graduation marks the end of an era for many students and is the culmination of much hard work and determination.

Bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, PhDs, certifications and others—all deserve exuberant celebration!

Please join Universities Canada in congratulating Canada’s newest cohort of graduates as they set forth on new adventures.

What new grads had to say

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By the numbers

  • 326k
    yearly graduates

    Over 326,000 students graduate from Canadian universities each year.

    Source: Statistics Canada, 2020.
  • 75%
    undergraduate graduates

    Around 75% (245,000) graduating students are from undergraduate programs.

    Source: Statistics Canada, 2020.
  • 30%
    STEM degree graduates

    Nearly 30% of students graduate from a science, technology, engineering or mathematics program.

    Source: Statistics Canada, 2020.
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