Learning and personal growth

June 18, 2015
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Text on screen: [Universities Canada logo]

Text on screen: [In conversation with Max Blouw President Wilfrid Laurier University]

Text on screen: [Learning and personal growth]

Max Blouw, president, Wilfrid Laurier University

Our role at universities is not only about cognitive learning, in other words learning about psychology or history or whatever.  It’s very much about human development so that four year period, or maybe five years depending on the program and the student, but that period is a period of time, undergraduate studies, where students gain critical thinking skills.

They gain confidence.  They gain the attitude of questioning. They gain problem solving skills.  Most importantly they have a period of time for them to discover themselves. That full spectrum I think we’ve become far more aware of than certainly when I went to school.

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President of Wilfrid Laurier University Max Blouw, talks about how Canadian universities are embracing and meeting the demand for digitally enhanced learning.

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