Global experience

Learning across borders is part of a 21st century education. International experiences help Canadians develop the cross-cultural competencies and problem-solving skills that are in high demand from today’s employers. Through the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy, Canada is taking action to encourage a culture of mobility among Canadian students.


“Employers want workers who excel at problem solving, communication and teamwork… International study creates global-mindedness and these in-demand skills.”

By the numbers

  • 11%
    study abroad

    Only 11% of Canadian undergraduates undertake an international mobility experience over the course of their degree, despite the clear benefits of global study to building future skills.

    Source: Study Group on Global Education, Global Education for Canadians: Equipping Young Canadians to Succeed at Home & Abroad, November 2017.
  • 80%
    see career benefit

    More than 80% of employers that hire graduates with international and intercultural experience say these recruits enhance their company’s competitiveness.

    Source: Leger Marketing employer survey for Universities Canada, 2014.
  • 70%
    see cost as barrier

    Students surveyed say they would study abroad if it was more affordable and part of their study program.

    Source: Why don't more Canadian students study abroad?, 2016 Academica Group survey of 1,400 students.

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