Canadian Universities and our Digital Future – report

May 25, 2016
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Canadian Universities and our Digital Future.

Leaders from 25 Canadian universities participated in a Universities Canada workshop in Vancouver on November 30 and December 1, 2015 to discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges in leveraging digital technologies for research, university operations, and teaching and learning. This report summarizes the discussions at the event.

Speakers and panelists discussed digital disruptors that could affect Canadian universities and raised a number of questions for senior leaders to consider:

  • How can we advance universities’ missions and Canada’s position as a leader in the digital economy?
  • Can technologies help provide greater access to quality education and research at a lower cost to students and universities?
  • How can Canadian universities provide more personalized education and best prepare students for the digital economy?
  • Given the implications and pace of disruptive technologies, how can universities remain competitive and sustainable?

The report also provides highlights of Universities Canada’s 2015 Digital Technologies Survey.

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