The changing landscape of Canadian copyright and universities: submission

June 26, 2018
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Universities Canada’s submission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology’s statutory review of Canada’s Copyright Act.

As creators, owners and users of copyright, universities bring a balanced perspective to the Copyright Act review. They believe fair dealing is an important way to maintain equilibrium in the Act and facilitates educational opportunities to the benefit of students.

While digital disruption is changing the context in which copyright is used and managed, legislative changes made in 2012 and seminal Supreme Court decisions have together struck a balance which must be maintained between the rights of copyright users and those of owners.

Universities Canada’s recommendations

The federal government should:

  • Maintain fair dealing for education and other educational exceptions in the Copyright Act.
  • Improve direct supports for creators by
    • increasing funding to the Canada Book Fund and expand remuneration for born-digital titles
    • further increasing annual funding to the Public Lending Right program and extend the program to include university libraries.

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