Universities: preparing cultural leaders and creators

In today’s rapidly changing technological world, universities are hubs of creativity, culture and innovation.

Through excellence in learning, discovery and community engagement, universities prepare our next generation of cultural creators, innovators and leaders, who in turn bring Canadian content to international audiences and act as ambassadors for Canadian culture.

They teach arts and culture, the fine and performing arts, design, journalism and communications, and more. Faculty author most of the academic material used by today’s students. In this way, universities are both users and creators of copyrighted material, and seek a balanced approach to copyright law.

By the numbers

  • $1B
    on library content

    Universities have spent over $1 B in the last three years combined on purchasing library content - and it's increasing annually.

    Source: Statistics Canada, Financial information of universities and colleges survey, 2013/14-2015/16.
  • 3,000
    Culture-focused academic programs

    Universities offer more than 3,000 academic programs that cover the breadth of culture, including the fine and performing arts, design, journalism and communications, as well as the humanities.

    Source: Universities Canada, Directory of Canadian Universities, 2016.
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