University and business partnerships: looking to the future

May 9, 2013
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Perrin Beatty, president, Canadian Chamber of Commerce:
I think we’re only scratching the surface at the present time. There’s all sorts of scope for us to collaborate more closey between business and universities.

We feel that the resources are there, it’s simply incredible. We just finished skills consultations going across the country from one coast to another.

And one of the things that was apparent wherever we went where there was a university was that that community had an incredible resource that could be very, very helpful to the business community.

Both locally, but also at the national and international level as well. We’re simply scratching the surface, there’s so much more we can do.

Maury Wawryk, vice-president & general manager, Venmar CES, Inc.:
Federal funding is extremely important in the collaboraton between Venmar CES and the University of Saskatchewan.

Without the funding we wouldn’t be able to spend the amount of time with the students and the training.

And really at the end of the day, we would not end up with the technology that we’re developing. Funding is critical to the success of our collaboration.

Elizabeth Cannon, president, University of Calgary:
Industry doesn’t have all the capacity. They need a constant influx of great ideas and lots of creativity.

And that’s what universities bring to the table. So it’s through the interaction that we have, it’s through the graduates that we produce.

That really ensure some of the great ideas that are needed to really build innovation and ensure that industry stays in the forefront.

That’s what we do well. So by having our universities and our students work closely with industry that’s going to ensure that the great ideas that we can generate actually go out and get implemented and drive the economy for Canada.

While Elizabeth Cannon is speaking:

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AUCC university presidents address the importance of university and business partnerships.

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