Enhancing research through university collaboration

January 21, 2016
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Art MacDonald, Nobel Prize winner and professor emeritus of Queen’s University:

I think in Canada collaboration among universities is a very valuable approach to doing science, in particular, which is my area of expertise.

By doing so, one is able to connect researchers that perhaps in a big institution in the United States, for example, might be down the hall, but here, they’re across the country.

My experience, which includes organizations like CIFAR, for example, and of course Networks of Centres of Excellence and our project, the SNO project, which brought together a number of institutions across the country, if I speak to that, we found that the expertise that we could find at the various institutions, when put together, made it possible to do a very large-scale project.

Collaboration, I think, makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Nobel Prize winner and professor emeritus of Queen’s University, Arthur B. MacDonald, discusses the value of university collaboration and how connecting researchers from various institutions enhances projects.

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