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October 24, 2013
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Dave LaRose, student, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Grenville campus:
University is almost like a hub of community enhancement in any city. I was a basement dweller, didn’t really have a social aspect, wasn’t confident in talking to people at all. Wasn’t outspoken, was pretty shy.

Text on screen [University-Community Engagement Campus-Collectivité]

Background music [♪ Let’s work together by Canned Heat ♪]

While music is playing:

[Group of four male students in a laboratory and research setting.]

[Two female students next to a statue.]

[Students wearing Algoma University T-shirts walk on campus.]

[Three students do research in boat.]

[University staff wearing United Way aprons.]

[Two students and professor do research in forest.]

[Large group on a bridge.]

[Group of international female students with flags from different countries in the background.]

Dave LaRose:
The program Train To Attain was reaching out to at-risk, marginalized youth who had a terrible stigma and low self-esteem and it was just a really enriching project to help them believe in themselves.

Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary:
Great cities need great universities to succeed. We need great universities to help us attract talent, we need great universities to help fuel the economic and innovation engine.

Mike Savage, mayor of Halifax:
Everything that we do in Halifax, all of our strategic objectives as a city involve really postsecondary institutions that we have, that we are fortune to have. Things like economic development, things like healthy communities, things like social inclusion, entrepreneurship, and all of those things. We benefit from having close and closer interaction with universities.

While Mike Savage is speaking:

[Woman wearing hard hat.]

[Three men plant outside.]

[Three people with cardboard signs.]

[Group of community leaders tour a digital media lab.]

Ramona Lumpkin, president of Mount Saint Vincent University:
We’ve seen community engagement grow over the years as a focus within our institutions. I think the old-fashioned idea of this sort ivory tower is so outdated. I think we need to tell its story because there can still be the occasional person who says oh the university is there and I’m here and there’s no cap between the two, and that’s simply not true.

While Ramona Lumpkin is speaking:

[Three students do research on boat.]

[Man teaches young children.]

[Veterinary student with a dog.]

[Two beekeepers outdoors with bees.]

[Two students in art studio.]

[Small team of students do a video recording.]

Ron Burnett, president, Emily Carr University of Art + Design:
We’re designing the campus to be a campus that will be open to the public and open to having cafés and galleries so that the public can come down and feel that they own it.

While Ron Burnett is speaking:

[Small group of people videotape outside in front of a sign that says “Between Spaces”.]

[Small group of students working.]

[People in an art gallery.]

Robert Proulx, recteur, Université du Québec à Montréal :
L’université doit être le moteur du progrès social. Bien, pour être le moteur du progrès social il ne faut pas juste se contenter d’innover, de trouver des nouvelles choses, mais il faut s’assurer que la société en général est capable de les utiliser.

Pendant que parle Robert Proulx :

[Deux hommes discutent dans un laboratoire doté d’équipement technique.]

[Un patient portant un harnais sourit au côté d’un étudiant dans une aire de réhabilitation.]

[Un groupe d’étudiants fait de la recherche sur la berge d’une rivière.]

Shanthi Besso, education program coordinator, Simon Fraser University:
The mandate of our office is to leverage the resources of our university and our community partners, to increase access to the university for communities that maybe historically have not had easy access to the institution and to the academy. From our perspective it is hugely successful and the community is hungry for more of it.

[Group of students outdoors on campus working together.]

[Group of people outside near a gray wall.]

[Students and their professor in a laboratory.]

[Group of people outside surrounded by rocks and the ocean.]

[Small group outside with a student holding a piece of equipment.]

[Female student posing with a group of children from Africa.]

[Female student teaches child pottery in a potter’s studio.]

[Medical student wearing a turban with two women.]

Gabriel Bran Lopez, diplômé, Université Concordia :
Durant mes études universitaires, mes trois ans de Bacc., je me suis vraiment concentré sur ça et mon université m’a appuyé dans toutes mes idées, dans tous mes projets. M’a appuyé à plusieurs niveaux, pour pouvoir créer des projets qui allaient avoir un impact dans la communauté.

[Deux étudiantes prennent le pouls d’un homme qui s’exerce au gymnase.]

[Un groupe d’étudiants plante des arbres sur le campus.]

[Une étudiante sert de la nourriture à un jeune garçon à la cafétéria de l’école.]

[Deux étudiantes nettoient une rivière.]

Robert Proulx :
Si on ne permet pas à la société de s’approprier les choses que l’université fait, alors l’université ne fait pas vraiment toute sa mission.

Mike Savage:
Like any strategic asset, whether it’s a port, an airport, universities provide real potential. I want to make sure that we take advantage of it.

While Mike Savage is speaking:

[Unveiling of an innovative, motorized vehicle]

[Group of students and professor looking at prints]

[Two male students explaining their research to a guest in a manufacturing lab]

[Students helping out on a housing project]

[Female student giving a presentation to her peers]

[Lineup of graduates in their robes at convocation ceremony]

[Group of students serving meals at a food bank]

[Group of students harvesting potatoes]

[Aboriginal celebration]

[Two male students testing new leg rehabilitation equipment]

[Female student serving soup to one of her peers]

[Shinerama fundraising students at Dalhousie University]

[Three lines of students outside in a quarry]

Dave LaRose:
Through the program, I just learned the value of my time that I can do things that make a difference in people’s lives. It just totally exceeded my expectations in every way… in the change that I got to see that I could make, but also in the change that it made in me.

While Dave Laris speaking:

[Female student and child performing scientific experiment]

[Child looking inside man’s ear with a light]

[Group of students outside in front of stone sculpture]

Text on screen: [Universities Canada/Universités Canada logo]

Through collaboration, universities and communities make each other stronger.

*In the video and its transcription, French and English are used alternately.

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