Canada’s universities’ commitments to Canadians

November 11, 2021
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We live in a world where fulfillment depends less upon what we know, and more upon what we can learn, how we think, and how we respond to what the world calls upon us to do. As centres of learning and discovery, universities play a crucial role in the preparation of one’s capacity to give back, collaborate and initiate positive change. Universities transform the lives of individuals, who in turn transform our world.

The following commitments of Canada’s universities were launched in October 2021:

Serving all Canadians

We prepare all students with the knowledge and competencies they need to succeed in work and life, empowering them to contribute to Canada’s social, economic, and cultural vitality. 

Canada’s future will be shaped by the educational experiences of today’s students. Universities commit to improving accessibility to higher education for all Canadians. We will work with partners to address barriers to access and support student success at university.

Pursuing excellence

We pursue excellence in all aspects of learning, discovery and social impact.

Universities are founded on a commitment to excellence. Canada’s universities will continue to create the best opportunities for all who wish to learn, catalyze world-leading research and innovation, and elevate our communities and Canada by mobilizing people and ideas toward solutions that address society’s evolving needs.

Responding to society

We deliver enriched learning experiences that meet the ever-changing needs of students, the workforce, communities and broader society. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant global upheaval accelerated how Canada’s universities serve more students with unprecedented flexibility and support. Teaching and student services innovations complement universities’ ongoing work with the private sector, governments and civil society to generate greater experiential and international learning opportunities for all students.

Mobilizing people and ideas

We mobilize our best people and brightest ideas to seize opportunities and solve the most pressing problems—whether global, national, regional or local. 

Canada’s universities pursue and support more ground-breaking research than any other economic sector, for the benefit of Canada and the world. Universities are developing new knowledge that addresses urgent and chronic challenges in an increasingly complex world. By upholding a globally competitive environment in which innovation, curiosity and creativity thrive, we drive prosperity and improve our health and that of the planet, our communities, and our relationships with one another.  

Stimulating innovation and growth

We help build a stronger Canada by working with the private sector, governments, civil society and educational institutions in Canada and around the world. 

Universities serve as connectors and catalysts, bringing together stakeholders from the private sector, government, colleges and community organizations. Valuing interdependence and acknowledging that the acute problems of the world require the investment and talent of many, we will continue to facilitate collaboration and stimulate innovation for the betterment of our economy and society.

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