Universities Canada’s 2022 survey on equity, diversity and inclusion

October 30, 2023
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Group of four diverse students walking

Canadians value an inclusive country, where equity is embedded, and diversity welcomed. Canadian identity is expressed in the shared values of openness, fairness and tolerance. Building on this, Canada’s universities believe our teaching, research and community engagement are also enriched by diversity and inclusion.

In 2017, university presidents from across Canada made a personal commitment to being active champions of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) on our campuses, in our communities and across the country. That commitment and others were made publicly through Universities Canada’s Inclusive Excellence Principles. In a series of seven principles, they made clear the vital importance of a diversity of identity and thought at our institutions by: providing equity of access and opportunity; identifying and addressing structural barriers to, and providing supports for, the recruitment and retention of senior university leaders, faculty, staff and students, particularly from underrepresented groups; and demonstrating progress over time.

In 2019, Universities Canada initiated a series of ongoing surveys to identify the work being carried out to advance EDI across campuses and to mark progress or identify areas in need of ongoing effort. A benchmark was established, and a second survey conducted in 2022.

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