University-industry research partnerships

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University of Waterloo | Mining

Key facilities

Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy: Research Institute focused on conducting original research and developing innovative solutions and policies to help transform the energy system for long-term sustainability.

Water Institute: Facilitates collaboration, supports excellence and promotes innovation in interdisciplinary water research and education with more 50 faculty members.

Major collaborations

NSERC Strategic Environmentally Responsible Resource Extraction Network (TERRE-NET): NSERC’s Toward Environmentally Responsible Resource Extraction Network (TERRE-NET) a national network led by Dr. David Blowes, which brings together 15 leading researchers from 7 Canadian universities and 26 partner organizations to develop cutting-edge technologies and approaches for environmentally and socially responsible handling of wastes generated during extraction of mineral and energy resources.


  • Philippe Van Cappellen, CERC in Ecohydrology. Research examine the effect of natural and human activity on water quality and ecosystems at a local, regional and global levels.
  • David Blowes, CRC in Ground Water Remediation. Research focuses improved techniques for predicting remediation and prevention of groundwater contamination.
  • Mark Servos, CRC in Ground Water Quality. Research in the broad areas of ecotoxicology and integrated water resources management.
  • Laura Hug CRC in Environmental Microbiology. Research expands the current understanding of the tree of life, while simultaneously developing solutions to address the impacts of human activities on the environment.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • Global Entrepreneurship & Disruptive Innovation (GEDI)
  • Corporate Research Partnerships Managers
  • Co-operative education-Inventor-owned IP policy
  • Waterloo Commercialization Office
  • University of Waterloo Velocity


  • Detour Gold
  • Shell
  • DIAVIK (Diamond Mines Inc.)

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