University-industry research partnerships

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University of Waterloo | Health & Biosciences

Key facilities

Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology: Catalyst for advancing bioengineering and biotechnology research and innovation through industry collaborations and partnerships, including 130 faculty members.

Centre for Ocular Research and Education: Multidisciplinary biosciences team working to investigate fundamental research questions related to ocular surfaces and biomaterials.

Propel Centre for Population and Health Impact: Aspires to improve health of people and places by leading and catalyzing relevant and rigorous studies, moving evidence to action.

Major collaborations

The Second Heart Project: Led by Dr. Catherine Burns in partnership with Lockheed Martin, the Second Heart Project explores the design and feasibility of a mobile system that would reduce the work required by the heart and cardiac system.

Telus Health: Led by Dr. Catherine Burns and Dr. Kelly Grindrod, the Telus Health project looks at improving work coordination and decision making through contextual analysis and how technology may influence the physician pharmacist relationship.

The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project: CIHR Foundation grant led by Geoffrey Fong. The project includes evaluating and understanding the impact of tobacco control policies of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Canadian Institute of Health Research


  • Hossein Abouee Mehrizi, CRC in Health-care Operations Management.
  • Jen Boger, Schlegel Research Chair for Independent Living.
  • Jack P. Callaghan, CRC in Spine Biomechanics and Injury Prevention.
  • Richard Cook, CRC in Statistical Methods for Health Research
  • David Cory, CECR Laureate, Quantum Information Processing
  • Clark Dickerson, CRC in Shoulder Mechanics
  • Brian Dixon, CRC in Fish & Environmental Immunology
  • Lora Giangregorio, Schlegel Research Chair in Mobility and Aging
  • Laura Hug, CRC in Environmental Microbiology
  • Richard Hughson, Schlegal Research Chair in Vascular Aging and Brain Health
  • Heather Keller, Schlegel Research Chair, Nutrition and Aging
  • John McPhee, CRC in Biomechatronic System Dynamics.
  • Janusz Pawliszyn, CRC and IRC, New Analytical Methods
  • Pierre-Nicholas Roy, CRC in Quantum Molecular Dynamics
  • Derek Schipper, CRC in Organic Material Synthesis
  • Mark Servos, CRC in Water Quality Protection
  • Ken Stark, CRC in Nutritional Lipidomics.
  • Carolyn Ren, CRC in Lab-on-a-Chip Technology
  • Alex Wong, CRC in Medical Imaging Systems.
  • Evelyn Yim, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • Global Entrepreneurship & Disruptive Innovation (GEDI)
  • Corporate Research Partnerships Managers
  • Co-operative education
  • Inventor-owned IP policy
  • Waterloo Commercialization Office
  • University of Waterloo Velocity


  • Johnson-Johnson (Vision Care)
  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • TELUS Health
  • Lockheed Martin

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