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University of Manitoba | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

Intelligent Digital Manufacturing Laboratory trains great people to do great things. Developing the required knowledge, technologies and scalable frameworks for the realization of intelligent manufacturing systems.

Major collaborations

Need for Optimization Under Uncertainty: Designing Flow Exchanges in Eco-Industrial Parks focuses on minimizing costs for multiple product exchanges while considering environmental impacts to be reduced.


Mohammad R. Khoshdarregi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Research focuses on advanced manufacturing, machining processes, industrial automation, and digitalization.

Qingjin Peng, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Research focuses on virtual reality applications in product design and manufacturing, dynamic tasks planning in web-based manufacturing environments, 3D shapes retrieval, reconstruction and measurement, and Human factors modeling and simulation in manufacturing and healthcare systems.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

Virtual Manufacturing Centre explores new approaches to VR-based product design and manufacturing. Conducts VR-based industrial applications, such as product design, 3D printing and prototyping, produces assembly and sustainable evaluation to improve the quality of products, shorten time to market and reduces expense in product development. The Centre is extending VR and simulation research into areas outside of manufacturing such as healthcare improvement and tissue engineering.


  • Industrial Technology Centre
  • Composites Innovation Centre
  • Precision Advanced Digital Manufacturing
  • Boeing

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