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Trent University | Clean Technology

Key facilities

Water Quality Centre: The Water Quality Centre is the most comprehensive mass spectrometry facility in Canada specializing in method development and the application of innovative techniques for measuring isotopes and trace amounts of organic/inorganic contaminants in water plus other environmental compartments.

Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research: The Centre’s Activities focus on the multidisciplinary approach to the development of new and functional, environmentally-responsible materials through green chemistry to replace plastics and petrochemical products with renewable, and sustainable, plant resources.

Major collaborations

Wastewater in small, rural communities: Integrated sewage lagoon and ozone treatment: Led by Chris Metcalfe, this project integrates ozone treatment with biological treatment to improve the overall performance of wastewater treatment processes.

Rio Tinto Alcan SO2 Permit Technical Assessment Report and Adaptive Management: Led by Julian Aherne, this project provided an evaluation of the existing SO2 passive diffusive sampler (PDS) network, and recommend changes (as appropriate) to site locations / placement, sampler deployment protocols, and laboratory procedures.

Euglena BioFiltration techniques for the bioremediation of mining effluent: Led by Céline Guéguen, this project will be investigating Euglena gracilis’ as an effective absorbent for toxic metal removal for industrial effluents.


Dr. Julian Aherne, Associate Professor. Julian’s an expert on using models to improve our understanding of pollutants and on in lab analysis of biosphere components and using the date to create equations as the basis for computer models.

Dr. Suresh Narine, NSERC Senior Industrial Research Chair in Lipid Derived Biomaterials. Suresh is an expert in the development of safe edible, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial products through renewable plant resources.

Dr. Céline Guéguen, Associate Professor. Celine’s research has a comprehensive focus, covering: sources/emissions, transport, fate, analytical method development, toxicity, modeling and synthesis.

Dr. Andrew Vreugdenhil, Associate Professor; Chair of Chemistry. Andrew is an expert on developing hybrid polymer materials used in environmentally friendly corrosion prevention for metal surfaces and for uses as sensors and optical materials

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • Cleantech Commons Research and Innovation Site: The Cleantech Commons research park will host accelerator based start-up enterprise in clean technology fields in collaboration with the City of Peterborough, Economic Development & Innovation Cluster partners.
  • Trent Biomaterials Program: The Trent Biomaterials Program offers students a unique interdisciplinary experience that examines the full spectrum of the biomaterials field from the crop seed to the development of biobased products and the implications of their use.


  • Northwater Capital Management Inc.
  • Noblegen Inc.
  • Rio Tinto
  • Alcan
  • Suncor
  • Carbonix

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