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Thompson Rivers University | Mining

Key facilities

Centre for Ecosystem Reclamation studies disturbed environments and develops recovery solutions. The research is aimed to develop industry best-practices that allow resource extraction to take place responsibly and sustainably.

TRUGen: Applied Genomics Laboratory is a high-throughput genomic sequencing lab primarily focusing on environmental remediation and waste treatment. Remediation/reclamation research is critical for the continued development of new resources.

Centre for Optimization & Decision Science (CODS) conducts research in the theoretical study of optimization and decision making science, as well as applications of optimization to real world problems.

Major collaborations

NSERC/Industrial Research Chair in Ecosystem Reclamation supports an innovative program of applied reclamation research that works with industry, regulators, and First Nations. Multiple agencies and corporate partners provide over 3 million in funds.

Genomics Towards Sustainable Mining a project to investigate the use of genomic tools insights into microbial communities that can be used to develop biodiversity benchmarks for ecosystem recovery following disturbance. Funded by Genome BC.

Long-term impacts of biosolids on soil microbial communities during mine tailings reclamation. The overall objective of the NSERC Collaborative Research and Development program between Teck Highland Valley Copper, Metro Vancouver and TRU will quantify long-term biosolid effects on plant and microbial communities, soil health and metal loading.


  • Dr. Lauchlan Fraser, Professor and Industrial Research Chair, Ecosystem Reclamation. Research focuses on disturbance ecology, ecological succession, biodiversity and climate change.
  • Dr. Jonathan Van Hamme, Professor, Microbiology. Research focuses on advancing knowledge of environmental remediation and land reclamation, and assisting industry.
  • Dr. Wendy Gardner, Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Sciences. Research on Reclamation/Revegetation, expert in rangeland management and ecology.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

Thompson Rivers University’s Research-Informed Learning programs, offered through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and Co-operative and Experiential Learning programs, offered through TRU’s Department of Career and Experiential Learning, assist students in finding research placements, internships, and co-operative learning opportunities with university partners, locally, regionally, and abroad


  • New Gold-New Afton
  • Teck Highland Valley Copper
  • Braelorn Gold Mine
  • Mount Polley Mine
  • Metro Vancouver
  • Arrow Transportation Systems Inc.
  • Geo-Science BC
  • Kinder Morgan Canada

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