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Simon Fraser University | Digital Industries

Key facilities

SFU’s Big Data Hub promotes the use of advanced computing for innovation and is home to SFU’s $10M Big Data Initiative.

Centre for Integrative Bio-Engineering Research works on the technological integration of nano-Media in art and culture using novel technologies such as nano-optics and flexible electronics.

Silicon Quantum Technology Lab works towards building Quantum Technologies using Silicon.

Sierra Wireless Mobile Communications Laboratory hosts a world-class antenna chamber for communications research and education.

Menrva Research Group specializes in Assistive and Rehabilitation technologies and Biomechatronics.

Major collaborations

The Silicon Quantum Leap is a $7.6M infrastructure project funded by CFI to accelerate research and collaboration into a new, scalable quantum technology capable of revolutionizing computing.

Wearable Technology to Assist with Hand and Finger Function is a $1.9M project funded by CIHR to design and validate a wearable, unobtrusive, wireless, and cosmetically acceptable armband based on a transformative approach to monitor finger and hand activity.

Spatial Sound Field Control with Smart Sensors and Actuators is an NSERC funded Strategic Project to develop novel sound field synthesis techniques and to improve the understanding of active noise control.


  • Dr. Stephanie Simmons, professor of Quantum Physics and Canada Research Chair in Quantum Nanoelectronics. Research focuses on using quantum technologies to create the world’s first quantum computer.
  • Dr. Bozena Kaminska, Professor of Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Wireless Sensor Networks. Research focuses on nano-optics technology, flexible electronics, wireless sensor platforms and optical signal processing.
  • Dr. Rodney Vaughan, Sierra Wireless Professor in Mobile Communication, and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. Research focuses on Signal Processing and Digital Communications.
  • Dr. Lesley Shannon, Associate Professor of Engineering, NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for BC and Yukon. Research focuses on computing systems design.
  • Dr. Greg Mori, Professor of Computing Science. Research focuses on Computer Vision, machine learning, and human activity and object recognition.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

-SFU’s Work Integrated Learning program offers co-operative education, and career planning and building opportunities through workshops and advising in 75 programs spread across 8 faculties.

-SFU offers several graduate training research programs across several digital research areas including microelectronics, systems and robotics, computer engineering, and communications, signal processing and networking technologies.

-SFU offers a graduate certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization, geared towards providing science and engineering students with the frameworks, perspective, and techniques to make their inventions a commercial success.


Sierra Wireless Inc; Adigy Canada Inc; MDA Corporation; Pantoscope Medica Inc; MEtaOptima Technology Inc; Disney Worldwide Services Inc; Electronic Arts; QNX; Smart Screen Technologies; Traction Sales and Marketing Inc; Spar engineering Ltd; Simba Technologies Inc; Semiconductor Research Corporation; M800 Ltd; Intel Corporation; Pacificure Biomedical Inc; Google Inc; D-Wave Systems Inc; Solar Earth Tech Ltd

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