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Simon Fraser University | Clean Technology

Key facilities

4D Labs is a state-of-the-art, $65M facility for materials research, equipped with advanced fabrication and characterization equipment.

The SFU Fuel Cell Research Laboratory conducts research on generating electrical power by using polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

The Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion works on improving energy conversion efficiency in devices such as compact heat exchangers, fuel cells, batteries and refrigeration systems.

Holdcroft Group conducts research on polymers for electrochemical energy.

Major collaborations

Green Sustainable Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems for Service Vehicles is a $2.4M project funded by Automotive Partnership Canada. Dr. Bahrami from SFU is a co-investigator on this project that focuses on the development of the next generation green sustainable air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for service vehicles including long-haul trucks, reefers and buses.

Clean Technology Solutions for the Aerospace Sector a $1M project funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada and led by Dr. Erik Kjeang to create a new experimental research facility to develop and prototype clean tech solutions for the aerospace industry.

Synthesis and characterization of new ion-conducting materials and membranes aims to synthesize new materials that will lead to less expensive, higher performing fuel cells, at reduced manufacturing costs.


  • Dr. Neil Branda, Professor of Chemistry, Canada Research Chair in Materials Science. Research focus on organic materials and molecular switches.
  • Dr. Majid Bahrami, Professor of Energy Systems, Canada Research Chair in Alternative Energy Conversion Systems, and a Canada’s Clean50 awardee (2015). Research focuses on sustainable energy storage and management.
  • Dr. Steven Holdcroft, Multi-awarded Professor of Chemistry and Canada Research Chair in Electrochemical Materials. Research focuses on Fuel Cell materials and polymers for macromolecular electronics.
  • Dr. Erik Kjeang, Associate Professor of Mechatronics Systems Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cell Science and Technology Development. Research focuses on sustainable energy systems and Fuel Cells.
  • Dr. Elicia Maine, Professor of Technology and Operations Management. Research focuses on technological innovation and science entrepreneurship and policy.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

-SFU’s Work Integrated Learning program offers co-operative education, and career planning and building opportunities through workshops and advising in 75 programs spread across 8 faculties.

-SFU offers clean technology related graduate training research programs through its energy systems and materials research programs.

-SFU offers a graduate certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization, geared towards providing science and engineering students with the frameworks, perspective, and techniques to make their inventions a commercial success.


Automotive Fuel Cooperation Corp; Ballard Power Systems Inc; Mercedes-Benz Canada; Hydrogren in Motion Inc. (H2M); General Motors; Signature Science LLC; Cool-it Hi Way Services Inc; Delta-Q Technologies Corp; Oil India Ltd; Alpha Technologies Ltd; Nexus Biofuel Inc; Terrella Energy Ststems Ltd; Greenlight Innovation Corp.

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