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Simon Fraser University | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

4D Labs is a state-of-the-art, $65M facility for materials research, equipped with advanced fabrication and characterization equipment.

Intelligent Sensors laboratory conducts research on the development of materials, devices and systems for various sensing applications.

SFU Additive Manufacturing Laboratory conducts research on technology for additive manufacturing and its integration for applications in the field of Printed Electronics

Product Design and Optimization Lab aims at research and development of practical methodologies and tools to assist product and process design activities in industries

Major collaborations

Western Canada Node for Advanced Manufacturing and Integration is a $1.9M project funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada to enable Canadian academics and small/medium enterprises to transform their research and development results into market ready prototypes.

Centre for Wearable Biomedical Technologies $3.3M CFI Innovation Fund project to design, accelerate and manufacture biomedical wearable technologies, aiming to rapidly transform the future of healthcare.

Supply Chains, Intermediation and International Trade examines supply chains in relation to international trade and industrial organization and to provide support to the policy community and government ministries such as Industry Canada and Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.


  • Dr. Neil Branda, Professor of Chemistry, Canada Research Chair in Materials Science. Research focus on organic materials and molecular switches.
  • Dr. Carlo Menon, Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering; Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Technology, New Investigator Award Recipient (CIHR) and Career Investigator Award recipient (MSFHR). Research focuses on robotics, artificial muscles and sensors, and assistive and prosthetic technologies.
  • Dr. Behraad Bahreyni, Associate Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Research focuses on Microelectreomechanical Systems, and micro/nano fabrication technologies.
  • Dr. WooSoo Kim, Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Research focuses on advanced 3D printing and Nano manufacturing.
  • Dr. Gary Wang, Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Research focuses on advanced manufacturing, product and process design, and electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • SFU’s Work Integrated Learning program offers co-operative education, and career planning and building opportunities through workshops and advising in 75 programs spread across 8 faculties.
  • SFU offers advanced manufacturing related graduate training research programs through its school of Mechatronics Systems Engineering and its world-class 4D Labs facility and its affiliated programs.
  • SFU offers a graduate certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization, geared towards providing science and engineering students with the frameworks, perspective, and techniques to make their inventions a commercial success.


  • Semiconductor Research Corporation
  • Inc
  • Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc
  •  National Instruments
  •  Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
  •  NTs Research & Inc

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