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Ryerson University | Digital Industries

Key facilities

Centre for Digital Humanities: Engages in collaborative research at the critical intersection of the material and the digital, contributing to scholarly and societal knowledge about cultural objects, makers and users.

Center for Interactive Multimedia Information Mining (CIM2) – A research facility associated with Ryerson Multimedia Laboratory (RML). It offers a state-of-the-art virtual reality system (CAVE), with stereoscopic vision, and optical tracking for real-time interaction.

Digital Media Experience Lab : A makerspace,
fabrication lab and digital media production facility by the Ryerson Library.

Inclusive Media Design Centre – Designs, creates, and evaluates inclusive media and technology. Many of our projects focus on inclusivity in technologies for the blind and low-vision and deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Social Media Lab – A multi- and interdisciplinary research laboratory that studies how social media is changing the ways in which people communicate, disseminate information, conduct business and form communities, and how these changes impact the social, economic and political structures of modern society.

Major collaborations

An optimized cloud-based mobile augmented reality system for marketing and advertising
Led by Dr. Ling Guan, Electrical & Computer Engineering the project aims to develop an intelligent cloud-based mobile augmented reality (AR) framework for marketing and advertising applications, and aims to address multiple technical challenges in the areas of computer vision, image processing, multimedia communications, and cloud computing.

Accelerating Digital Technology Adoption in Canadian Companies

Led by Dr.Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Global Management Studies Ontario, which accounts for a large number of SMEs (nationally) which account significant workforce growth needs to unravel the puzzle of why Ontario SMEs lag behind their global competitors in DT adoption? How can Ontario SMEs learn to adopt DT at a faster rate to grow and expand the economic opportunities for citizens on Ontario? These questions have drawn interest from academics, policy makers and industry organizations interested harnessing digital technologies as engines of growth.


Dr. Ebrahim Bagheri, Canada Research Chair (Tier II, Software and Semantic Computing) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is equipping software engineers and data scientists with cutting edge tools and techniques. He works to address the pressing challenge of developing data analytics software methodologies and platforms that can help us better understand the value and meaning of large amounts of data, which has been made available through user-generated content and scientific and industrial entities

Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd, Canada Research Chair (Tier II Social Media Data Stewardship), Ted Rogers School of Business Management, to answer questions about why and how data consumers use social media data, is examining the practices behind and attitudes toward the collection, storage, analysis, reuse, publishing and preservation of this data. He is exploring the perspectives of social media users who produce data, as well as those of the researchers and organizations that collect and analyze the data.

Dr. Alexandra (Ali) Mazalek’s, Canada Research Chair (Tier II, Digital Media and Innovation) RTA School of Media work explores emerging modalities in new media. She works at the forefront of trends in computing and interaction design that support a tighter integration of the physical and digital worlds. Mazalek designs and develops tangible and embodied interaction systems that enable humans to be more creative across both science and art disciplines.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

The RTA Transmedia Zone – Incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling. With a focus on emerging platforms and processes, the Transmedia Zone supports projects from students as well as industry members.

DMZ – Ryerson’s DMZ is ranked the number one university-based incubator in the world by UBI Global. The DMZ helps startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers.


  • Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.
  • Applied Recognition
  • AWE Company Limited
  • Dr. Robot, Inc.
  • eCampus Ontario
  • SimenIT Inc.
  • ThinkCX Technologies Inc.
  • Tiny Hearts Limited
  • Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited
  • XMG Studio, Inc.

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