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Ryerson University | Clean Resources

Key facilities

Centre for Urban Energy (CUE): An academic-industry partnership that is exploring and developing sustainable solutions to urban energy challenges such as the advancement of smart grid technologies and integration of energy storage, electric vehicles and renewables.

Ryerson Urban Water (RUW): Multi-disciplinary centre whose research provides cost effective solutions that support a healthy urban water cycle.

Building Science Lab: A specialized laboratory catering to graduate students in the Master of Building Science program as well as undergraduates who are pursuing Building Science in their fourth year specialization. The laboratory is maintained so that students, faculty and researchers can pursue work involving the analysis and evaluation of topics within the architecture, engineering and construction disciplines.

Major collaborations

The NSERC Energy Storage Technology (NEST) Network is designed and poised to take Canadian research on potential Energy Storage (ES) technologies to markets, working with companies, utilities and governmental agencies, while training HQP and benefitting the Canadian energy sector and broader Canadian economy. Will develop a suite of ES technologies and systems to be commercialized by Canadian companies with trained HQP, leading to employment and a robust economy.

The Design of Hydropower Intakes for Run-Of-the-River Power Plant And Decision Support System for Low-impact Development Master Planning Project Led by Dr. James Li and funded by NSERC CRD and WSP Canada Inc. The research findings of the proposed project will improve the design of run-of-the-river hydropower stations and facilitate the development of master LID plans in Canada as well as lead to the training of highly qualified personnel in these fields, thus bringing significant economic, environmental and social benefits to Canada.


Dr. Umberto Berardi, Department of Architectural Science:
Research interests and contributions are related to the study of building systems that incorporate new materials for improved performance.

Dr. Seth Dworkin, Canada Research Chair (Tier II, High Performance Computing and Sustainable Energy), Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering:
Work focuses on improving emissions profiles for aircraft engines, as well as geothermal heating and cooling systems. Using computer models, Seth’s work looks at ways to enhance performance of these systems and to develop models that are adaptable to industry use.

Dr. Bala Venkatesh, Department Electrical and Computer Engineering: Research focuses on Power Systems Analysis and Optimization. He specializes in Fuzzy Optimization applications to Power Systems. He has successfully applied his research outcomes in several consulting projects in India and Canada.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

Clean Energy Zone – An incubator focused on clean, sustainable energy innovations including electric vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage and distribution, micro grids and net-zero city building.

Postgraduate Certificate in Energy Management and Innovation – Provides adult learners with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit them to contribute effectively to energy management, conservation, sustainability and public policy governing this regulated sector; and to energy innovation, entrepreneurship, and the challenges and opportunities for developing new energy technologies and business enterprises.

Professional Master’s Diploma in Energy and Innovation –
Provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to function competently as officers, administrators, technicians, analysts and other key occupations in the fast-growing and rapidly-changing Canadian energy sector.


  • Alectra Inc.
  • Canmet ENERGY Centre
  • CH2M Hill Canada Ltd.
  • eCamion
  • Electrovaya Corp.
  • Hydro One
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Hydrostor Inc
  • International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada Inc.
  • Kylowave Inc
  • Lumentra Inc.
  • Ontario Power Authority
  • Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation
  • PowerStream Inc.
  • Schneider Electric Canada
  • Siemens Canada Ltd
  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited
  • Temporal Power Ltd.
  • The Energy Research Corporation
  • Toronto Hydro
  • TUV SUD Canada Inc
  • Veridian Connections Inc
  • Wind Energy Institute of Canada

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