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Queen’s University | Mobility Systems

Key facilities

Optical Towing Tank for Energetics Research: Utilizes high-speed laser measurements of the flow around moving objects. These measurements can have industry applications in areas such as aerospace, defence and renewable technologies.

Structural and Multidisciplinary Systems Design Lab: conducts research for automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors, utilizing analytical and computational optimization techniques to solve practical problems with various industrial partners.

Turbulence Simulation and Modelling Laboratory is developing new tools to enable analysis and prediction of turbulent flows, and applying these methods to study the physics of turbulence in real-life applications.

Major collaborations

Moving Load Facility for Assessment of Bridge Strength and Durability: CFI grant ($1.5M), led by Dr. Amir Fam, focused on research using a simulator to help assess the strength and durability of bridges.

Multi-material and Multi-joint Topology Optimization for Automotive Lightweight Design: Dr. Il Yong Kim leads research focused on (1) optimum designs of next generation vehicle chassis joining strategies which utilize mixed materials and various joining methods (2) advanced topology optimization approaches for multiple material joint designs and joining methods. Support by NSERC Automotive Partnership Canada Project.

Numerical simulations of turbulence in hydro-electric applications: Dr. Ugo Piomelli is focused on the development of accurate models for the prediction of the flow over rough surfaces, in the presence of favourable and adverse pressure gradients. Support by NSERC.


Dr. Ugo Piomelli, Canada Research Chair in Turbulence Simulations and Modelling, is developing numerical models capable of predicting turbulent flows to increase the understanding of the turbulence physics, and for application to various industries, including aerospace.

Dr. Amir Fam, Donald and Sarah Munro Chair in Engineering and Applied Science, is working in the areas of structural engineering using fiber reinforced polymer reinforcements and bio-based composites in new construction and retrofitting aging bridges and buildings.

Dr. Il Yong Kim, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, is researching automotive, aerospace, and defense driven applications utilizing analytical and computational optimization techniques to develop new principles and methodologies to solve practical problems with various industrial partners.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides students with a 12-16 month work experience.
  • Office of Partnerships and Innovation provides services related to research partnerships and technology transfer activities.


  • Bombardier Transportation
  • GM Canada
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc.
  • Magna Powertrain Inc.
  • Hydro Quebec

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