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McGill University | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

McGill Institute for Advance Materials-MIAM’s vision is to discover, design, fabricate and understand new materials. MIAM research facilities: McGill Nanotools Microfab (MNM) is a micro-nanotechnology platform that is aimed at providing micro-nanofabrication tools and know-how to academic and industrial research; Characterization Facility comprises major tools for the development of both chemical and biological functionalization processes.

McGill Additive Manufacturing Platform includes: Powder Processing and Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (P2[AM]2) lab specialized in Powder Metallurgy and AM; Additive Design and Manufacturing Laboratory (ADML); Architected Materials and Advanced Structures lab.

McGill Metals Processing Centre (MMPC) has strong research program related to the manufacturing, processing and characterization of steels and the light metals.

Major collaborations

Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation Platform for repairing and re-manufacturing of aerospace components (AMOS) focuses on a range of high-integrity additive manufacturing techniques. The project could significantly reduce the time and cost of regular maintenance and repair for the aerospace industry, while reducing material waste and extending the life of expensive components (supported by EU- Horizon 2020, CARIC, NSERC)

Additive manufacturing technologies for aerospace components is sought as a very promising processing route to produce components in a more efficient manner, i.e. with shortened supply chains and reduced manufacturing costs / lead times.


  • Mathieu Brochu, Associate Prof. and Gerald Hatch Faculty Fellow on AM. His research targets the process-microstructure-property relationship applied to processing and joining of bulk nanomaterials. Brochu transferred a microsegregation model for Li during laser-based AM of Al-Cu-Li alloys using wire to Alcoa.
  • Peter Grütter, Prof. and James McGill Chair, Director of MNM facility. His research interests lie in scanning probe microscopy and the interdisciplinary applications of this technique to the emerging field of nanotechnology. His group plans to apply the recently developed tools, techniques and materials to the emerging new field of Nanoelectronics.
  • Pascal Hubert, Werner Graupe Prof. Research focus on the development of the next generation of process modeling tools for advanced composite material.
  • Damiano Pasini, James McGill Prof. Director, Architected Materials and Advanced Structures Lab. His work, which finds a balance between fundamental and applied research, aims to develop novel materials with controlled architecture, where materials and/or space are optimally engineered at the microscale to obtain unprecedented and tunable physical properties at the macroscale.
  • Fiona Zhao, Associate Prof. and Director of ADML. Research interests manufacturing information technologies for the integration of design, manufacturing processes, and sustainability assessment.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

-The McGill EngInE, the Faculty of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship hub, focuses on stimulating technologically-based innovation and entrepreneurship at McGill in collaboration with the McGill Dobson for Entrepreneurship and the Office of Innovation and Partnership.

eIDEA: Engineering Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Advancement-all initiatives under the program focus on all stages of the student and staff lifecycle, from pipeline building and recruitment, to support and retention, to workforce diversity.


  • Heroux Devtek Inc.
  • Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Inc.
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Pratt and Whitney Canada
  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Renishaw Canada Limited
  • Greybox Solutions Inc.
  • Kinova Robotics
  • GE Aviation
  • MDA
  • Ballard Power

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