Social Impact Listserv

 The Social Impact listserv is a platform administered by Universities Canada. The objectives are to distribute information, stimulate thinking and discussion among Social Impact Leads at Canadian universities. Topics of interest are, but not limited to, community engagement, teaching and research, institutional structure and culture, social impact metrics and activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals.  

All participants are expected to familiarize themselves with and observe these rules and guidelines  

Code of Conduct 

All subscribers are expected to follow the rules in this section, and they will be enforced by Universities Canada’s listserv administrator. 

1. Participants are expected to be professional. 

All participants are expected to conduct themselves professionally and engage in discussion that is civil and respectful. 

2. Participants are expected to preserve a harassment-free space. 

Universities Canada is dedicated to ensuring the Social Impact listserv remains a harassment-free space for everyone. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, including discriminatory, defamatory, threatening, insulting, or otherwise disruptive or harmful behavior. 

3. Participants can communicate in the official language of their choice  

The Social Impact listserv is a national community of practice; thus, participants can participate in either official language. However, translation is not provided.  

4. Participants are expected to avoid posting prohibited content. 

Prohibited content includes commercial content, copyrighted content, viruses, trojan horses, bots and spam. 

Guidelines for use 

1. Use the subject line  

Message sent to the group, including replies, should always have a subject line. Make it concise and on point.  

2. Search the archives. 

When uncertain if your question or topic has been addressed before, search the archives. This helps prevent redundant discussions. 

3. Stay on topic. 

Messages sent to the entire list, including replies, should primarily consist of content that is likely to be relevant to most participants on that list. Off-topic discussions should be avoided. 

4. Provide substantial contributions. 

Participants should try to limit their messages, including replies, to substantial contributions. Brief statements (e.g. “I agree” or “Me too”) should be accompanied by elaboration or novel content, taken off-list, or avoided entirely. 

5. Take conversations off-list. 

Any conversations between a small subset of participants should be taken off-list. 


Subscription to the listserv is restricted. Anyone wanting to subscribe need to contact the listserv administrator. 

You may choose to leave the Social Impact listserv at any time.  

You can unsubscribe from a list in one of two ways: 

  1. Send an e-mail to the administrator  
  1. Unsubscribe using the web interface with the link provided in the footer of all listserv communications.  

Reporting harassment 

If a participant feels they are being harassed, they can submit a report to the administrator of the list.  

Warnings & suspensions 

If a participant posts a message that violates the Code of Conduct, the administrator will issue the participant a warning. The administrator reserves the right to suspend the participant from posting or ban them from the list. 


The Social Impact listserv is for discussion, listserv members are solely responsible for the content of their messages. Universities Canada and the listserv’s administrators do not verify the accuracy of messages or endorse the opinions expressed by posters. 

Members should refrain from sharing sensitive and/or confidential information on this platform. Universities Canada uses a third-party software to administer this listserv. Data stored on this platform is hosted on servers in the United States and thus may be subject to the governing legislation of that country. 

If you are having difficulties receiving message form this list, try adding [email protected] to your contacts. You may also have a Spam filter preventing the email from getting to your inbox and need to contact your IT team.  

If you would like to join the listserv, want to unsubscribe or have any questions about how it works, contact [email protected]  

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