Skills for today and tomorrow

At a time of rapid technological, economic and social change, Canadians face new and complex challenges impacting the way they live and work. Learn how universities are equipping Canadians to succeed in the new economy and tackle the biggest challenges facing our communities, country and our world.

Equipping Canadians for the changing nature of work

Universities are vital to preparing Canadians of all backgrounds and ages for the jobs and economy of today and tomorrow. While many jobs are at risk of automation in the coming decades, several studies show that university graduates will be best able to adapt to an automated future.

Employees discuss work around a table.

Made-in-Canada solutions to today’s big challenges

University research and innovation are vital to our social and economic development and the well-being of all Canadians. Support for our research ecosystem will prepare the next generation of researchers and innovators to tackle the biggest challenges facing us today and tomorrow – and fuel Canadian prosperity.

Canadians value research. 86% of Canadians say the government should spend ore on university research because of the benefits it brings for the country.

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