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University of Waterloo exceeds goal for female participation in STEM disciplines

With a vision to increase female participation in STEM-related disciplines, the University of Waterloo is doing more than just setting ambitious goals – they are surpassing them.

In May 2015, the university teamed up with the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign to participate in their IMPACT 10x10x10 – a framework dedicated to advancing gender equity and empowering women across the globe. In doing so, the university committed to boosting the number females in STEM – an area of academia that has traditionally been male-dominated – to 33 per cent; enhancing female faculty representation to 30 per cent; and increasing the number of female leaders in senior positions to 29 per cent.

In less than three years the university exceeded its goal and today women account for 35 per cent of STEM-related disciplines. The university is only one per cent away from achieving their second goal of increasing female faculty representation, and just 1.5 per cent shy of their third target.

By empowering women to pursue careers in STEM and advancing female representation in these disciplines, the University of Waterloo is paving the way for future female scientists, mathematicians and engineers, and fostering a university environment that values diversity and fights for equality.

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University of Waterloo surpasses its targets for gender equity, 2018

October 2, 2018
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