Imre Szeman, University of Alberta.

Imre Szeman is professor of communications and cultural studies and director of Petrocultures East at the University of Waterloo.

Previously, he was Canada Research Chair of Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta where he was the co-director of the Petrocultures Research Group and director of the collaborative group research project, After Oil: Explorations and Experiments in the Future of Energy, Culture and Society. The University of Alberta’s Petrocultures Research Cluster supports research on the social and cultural implications of oil and energy on individuals, communities and societies around the world.

Dr. Szeman’s research is focused on energy and environmental studies, social and political philosophy, and critical theory and cultural studies. He is currently at work on On Empty: The Cultural Politics of Oil and Fuelling Culture, a collection on energy, history and politics and Fuelling Culture: Energy, History, Politics and Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture.

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