Bonnie Mallard

Bonnie Mallard

Addressing global food demands by improving the health of Canadian livestock

Dr. Bonnie Mallard is a professor of immunogenetics in the Department of Pathobiology at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, and a member of the university’s Centre of Genetic Improvement of Livestock. Dr. Mallard has been recognized internationally for her creation of the High Immune Response Technology (HIR), a technology that manages the health of dairy cattle through genetic identification. This sustainable approach was designed to meet consumer expectations for healthy, non-GMO products while also addressing large-scale, global food demands. In the last few years, she has focused on extending this technology for use in dairy sires and in developing a genomics test for HIR in order to broaden its application.

For more information: University of Guelph

*Bonnie Mallard is a 2017 winner of the Governor General’s Innovation Awards.

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