Back to school 2021


Canadians want a brighter future.   

A future that is more inclusive, vibrant, greener and healthier.  

They want careers that evolve as society and technology do. 

Canada’s Universities are the key to getting there.  

Throughout the pandemic, Canada’s universities delivered.  

They provided educational opportunities for 1.4 million students.  

They advanced vital rapid-response COVID-19 research. 

They stabilized communities faced by disruption.  

They worked in the national interest. 

They ensured safe, quality education.  

No matter what we face, universities are there for all of us. 

They are a $39 billion dollar sector. 

They employ 410,000 people and drive economic prosperity. 

They purchase products and services in their communities.  

They’ve created 1.9 million jobs since 2010.  

And in 2018-19, performed nearly $15 billion in research and development.  

That’s why, for Canada to succeed, our universities must be strong.  

The time for a return to campus is here. 

Universities are ready. 

Investing in people and ideas is the key to Canada’s success.  

In a global economy, higher education is our competitive advantage.  

Our world is unpredictable, and constantly changing.  

And thanks to Canada’s universities, we can face the challenges ahead. 

So, to everyone who is part of Canada’s universities… 

Thank you.  

And welcome back. 

The fall semester is nearly upon us and there is a sense of excitement as we look forward to a more widespread return of in-person learning.

Universities Canada’s Back to School campaign focuses on all the ways universities help students develop the skills to adapt and succeed in this ever-changing landscape, while providing a safe and healthy environment.

We invite you to participate in our national campaign by amplifying our posts (retweeting or sharing) or promoting your institution’s own Back to School stories using the hashtag #BacktoSchool.

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