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Universities Canada Board Director


Dr. Paul Mazerolle is the 19th President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick.

Prior to his appointment in July 2019, Dr. Mazerolle was previously the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts, Education and Law, 2009-2019), Campus Provost for Mount Gravatt campus (2009-2019), Director of the Violence Research and Prevention program (2006-2019), and Director of the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance (2007-2009) at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He was also Director of Research and Prevention at the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission (2002-2005) and Head of the Criminology program at the University of Queensland (2000-2006).

Dr. Mazerolle received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of New Brunswick (1989), his Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University (1990) and his PhD in Criminology from the University of Maryland at College Park (1995).

Dr. Mazerolle has led and participated in several major initiatives. While at Griffith, he chaired the university-wide Safe Campus Taskforce and chaired the sub-committee on Changing Attitudes and Behaviour regarding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. Since 2014, Dr. Mazerolle led and chaired the Griffith Integrity 20 program.

Dr. Mazerolle was a Member of the Premier’s Youth Violence Taskforce and the Seniors Taskforce in Queensland, Australia. He was also Board Chair and Director at Open Minds, a leading non-government organization addressing mental illness and disability.

Dr. Mazerolle is a past Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology and is the Founding Co-Editor (with Tara McGee) of the Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology.

An active scholar in criminology, Dr. Mazerolle has led several funded research projects. His research examines processes that shape offending behaviour across the life-course. His primary focus is in building knowledge on violence to inform theories, advance understanding, and improve policy and practices to reduce or prevent violence.

Paul is a proud native of New Brunswick, having grown up in Fredericton.

Dr. Mazerolle is a Director on the board of Universities Canada.

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