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University of Windsor | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

Windsor Institute for Research in Advanced Materials (WINRAM) is a leading research institute with the focus on the development of new materials and technologies, and for the creation of new intellectual property.

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre pursues leading edge research in the multidisciplinary field of manufacturing systems and related topics from products design to manufacturing and the complete product life cycle.

Advanced Production and Design Lab bridges research related to advanced manufacturing and practical applications by utilizing innovative technologies to improve product and process designs.

Major collaborations

Cluster: Novel Quantitative Nondestructive Quality Evaluation of Advanced Joining and Consolidation Manufacturing Processes led by Dr. Roman Maev is developing ultrasonic nondestructive testing methodology and portable systems for quantitative material bond quality evaluation for aerospace and automotive industries.

Green Surface Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing is a multi-university research initiative with Dr. Ahmet Alpas as UWindsor lead. This research is making rapid developments in materials science and tribology application technologies.

Ergonomics Evaluation of Right Angle Power Tool led by Dr. Joel Cort in collaboration with USCAR is looking to parameterize the ergonomics of power tool operations for the purpose of worker performance capability assessments.


  • Dr. Steve Loeb, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry and Functional Materials is developing new chemical processes and materials for industrial applications and pollution control.
  • Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy, Founding Director, IMS Centre, Distinguished University Professor, leads a research program that investigates the design, implementation, operation and control of advanced and reconfigurable manufacturing systems.
  • Dr. Jill Urbanic, Associate Professor, research focuses on design, implementation, and support for several types of manufacturing, material handling, testing, gauging and assembly equipment for a variety of engine components and vehicle styles.
  • Dr. Ahmet Alpas, Professor, conducts fundamental and applied research on friction, wear and lubrication of advanced engineering materials, composites and surface coatings with the aim at improving the performance of materials and manufacturing processes.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program prepares engineers for management roles. Graduates are ready to occupy leadership roles in multinational engineering and technical enterprises and contribute to manufacturing strategies, corporate innovation and operations management.
  • Master of Materials Engineering Chemistry (MEMC) is a new initiative that will bridge the gap between science and engineering in the area of materials research. This program is oriented at training in the design, synthesis, production and characterization of advanced materials, and exposure to real-life problems through industrial internships.


  • Windsor Mold Group
  • Fiat Chrysler Canada
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada
  • General Motors Canada
  • Proto Manufacturing
  • Novelis Global technology
  • Radix
  • Landau Gage Inc.
  • Narmco
  • D&V Electronics
  • Bombardier

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