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Ryerson University | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

Advanced Manufacturing, Design, and 3D Printing Lab

One of Canada’s most technologically advanced 3D printing research facilities and home to one of just three EOS P395 printers in the country. It is a shared space founded with industry partners, Think2Thing and Bionik Labs. The leading-edge research explores new techniques for scanning and 3D printing as well as the systems and software to support them. Designers from all sectors are using this technology to accelerate prototyping, and manufacturers and makers are producing components and products with exceptional precision.

Robotics, Mechatronics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory (RMAL)

An interdisciplinary laboratory bringing people and projects related to Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Biomedical, Electrical-Computer Engineering, Mechatronics, MEMS, and Computer Science to design and build advanced robotics for manufacturing automation.

Major collaborations

Image-based robotic operation in unstructured environments

Led by: Dr. Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

The proposed research is unique and realizable extension of the applicant’s previous work on vision based control of robots. The the long term focus of this research program is on the development of high-performance control methods, using image feedback, to address robot positioning and contact problems that are currently necessitate significant treatment effort in structuring the robotic cells.

Femtosecond pulsed laser synthesis of functional nanomaterials and their applications:

Project led by Dr. Bo Tan, Aerospace Engineering

MHz frequency femtosecond laser synthesis generates a wide range of nanostructures made of various materials with unique spatial structure or rare phases that are hard to synthesize by any other means. These nanomaterials possess unique properties and hold high promise in various fields, including biosensing, nanomedicine and energy conversion. The current proposal is developed on these recent findings and aims at creating new materials and exploring possible applications.


Dr. Daolun Chen, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Research interests include advanced materials (bio- and nano-materials, composites, etc.) and other critical engineering materials, and their mechanical properties.

Dr. Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
His research theme is on opto-mechatronic systems with focus on manufacturing and biomedical engineering application.

Dr. Ali Miri, Computer Science. Dr. Miri’s research focuses on Cloud Computing and Big Data, Security and privacy, computer networks, digital communication

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

Ryerson Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation (RIADI) – Provides Ryerson’s undergraduate engineering students with a unique training opportunity by involving them in real life aerospace industry projects. The program prepares the students for future engineering careers, specifically in aerospace engineering, and graduate studies.

Centre for Near-Net-Shape Processing of Materials (CNPM) – First university-based casting research facility in Canada with a focus on metal-casting processes such as lost foam casting, permanent mold casting, die casting, and sand casting. It is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art and integrated facility with equipment for melting, casting and material characterization.


  • Applied Precision Inc.
  • Cardiovascular Diagnostics Inc.
  • Flow Software Technologies
  • Inuktun Services Ltd.
  • Magnum Integrated Technologies Inc.
  • Medmectron Inc.
  • MicroPilot Inc.
  • Sonaca Montreal Inc.
  • Surface Measurement Solutions Inc.
  • Toronto Hydro Electric Systems Limited
  • Vibra Finish Limited
  • VL Robotics Inc.
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

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