University-industry research partnerships

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Queen’s University | Advanced Manufacturing

Key facilities

Reactor Materials Testing Laboratory provides a safe and controlled environment to simulate in-reactor conditions, allowing more realistic investigations of damage that ensues within a nuclear reactor.

NanoFabrication Kingston is a facility providing researchers with access to leading-edge equipment, methodologies and expertise for designing and prototyping microsystems and nanotechnologies.

The Institute for Disruptive Technologies is an interdisciplinary engineering research initiative focused on the design and use of intelligent systems and robotic machines to enhance human productivity, creativity, safety, performance, and quality of life.

Major collaborations

On-the-fly control of laser additive manufacturing: Research led by Dr. James Fraser is focused on solving the QA/control problem, and will be of key strategic importance for Canada and its ability to innovate in highly competitive industries, such as automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing.

Manufacturing of A205 Helicopter Components: Queen’s University will provide modeling capabilities to optimize casting process and establish maximum operating temperature capabilities (Dr. Brad Diak).

A Molecular Approach to Surface Functionalization: Dr. Cathleen Crudden received $3.5M in CFI funding to lead research on innovative coatings that repel water- and oil-borne contaminants, and protect metals from acid, heat, and oxidation – with broad application from automotive to biomedical.


Dr. Cathleen Crudden, Canada Research Chair in Metal Organic Chemistry, investigates how organic compounds interact with metals in the synthesis of novel materials and development of highly active catalysts.

Dr. Mark Daymond, Canada Chair in Nuclear Materials and Mechanics of Materials, conducts research to understand how materials used in a range of engineering processes deform under stress and temperature fluctuations.

Dr. Jean-Michel Nunzi, Canada Research Chair in Photonics for Life, studies the optical and electronic manifestations of chirality in natural and artificial substances.

Dr. Michael Cunningham. Ontario Research Chair in Green Chemistry, focuses on the challenges related to the implementation of green chemistry and green engineering solutions to the manufacture of polymeric materials.

Special programs and work integrated learning initiatives

  • The Advanced Design & Manufacturing Institute’s (Queen’s and Western) vision is to create a new generation of Canadian design and manufacturing engineers with the ability and mindset to propel Ontario Industry into a world leadership position (M.Eng. Program).
  • The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) provides students with a 12-16 month work experience.
  • Office of Partnerships and Innovation provides services related to research partnerships and technology transfer activities.


  • Bombardier
  • Bell Helicopters
  • IPG Photonics Canada
  • Altranex Corporation

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